Andy’s ILL: Firefight EP Review

Andy's Ill cover art

Andy’s iLL the the fucking man. The Canadian mongerer of all things hard in electronic music dropped his debut EP today on Dim Mak Reacords. This release definitely lives up to  his philosophy that “there is nothing that the heart wants more after a build than the best drop.”

Dubstep is something Andy is quite recognized for, and on the first track “Bluemouth,” it’s easy to see why. The song starts off like it belongs in a modern RPG video game soundtrack or movie score. It has a sense of adventure, of a hero about to go on a dangerous journey.

Once the build starts, you can hear electronic elements being brought into the mix and, right before the drop, you can hear a quick drum breakdown (one thing I am very fond of from Andy’s productions). That massive drop? That’s when the hero fights a giant boss, as the song turns into that monstrosity of hard dubstep and sampled screams before slowly steadying the energy to lead into the breakdown.

The Bside, “Timeline,” is an electro monster with a touch of metal (note the electric guitar). Following the break, you’re taken into a build, accompanied by a melodic solo reminiscent of metal song structure. Again, this song is produced for the listener, not the DJ, so it kicks into a sonic journey from the get-go, which follows through with a nice sense of completion.

For a debut, we think Andy nailed it. Be on the lookout for both these tracks on the full EP in July, and be sure to grab the release on Beatport, itunes, Amazon, or Spotify!

Check out Andy’s iLL on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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