Portugal. The Man In Gainesville April 10

Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man LithographPortugal. The Man is a paradoxical anomaly. Springing forth from loins of Alaska’s glacier dotted landscapes, the rock trio known for its genuine live performances stretches its musical roots into this aurora borealis of style and grace, far removed from the mainstream-uberly-global-conscience-scene.

With a creative fusion of electronic beats, soul vibes, psychedelic blues, rock and all those eclectic indie pop sounds, Portugal. The Man can honestly play anything.Now, snaking their way through the good ol’ continental US of A, Portugal. The Man guarantees a unique amalgamation of sounds at its performance, brought to you by Glory Days Presents on Tuesday, April 10 at the Florida Theatre during their Jaegermeister Tour, with opening acts by The Lonely Forest and Mikei.

Tickets are $17 in advance and $20 at the door. Show starts at 8:30 p.m.

Since their formation in 2005, these Alaskan natives have toured Europe 12 times, performed at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, and signed with Atlantic Records, which finally landed them some well-deserved national attention.

Note: the band produced at least five records before signing with Atlantic.  Some of which include the drum machine “Waiter: ‘You Vultures!’” (2006) and the Pink Floyd meets Radiohead meets Beatles sounds from Censored Colors (2008).

This prolific band was able to expose themselves nationally and internationally while maintaining qualities unique to their style. Lead by singer, guitarist and songwriter John Gourley’s unique view of the world, the band seems to take influences in stride without becoming absorbed or washed away by the ebbing tide of mainstream music.

Gourley, drummer Jason Sechrist and bassist Zachary Carothers recorded their most recent album In the Mountain in the Cloud with a songwriting structure that’s guided by The Beatles and glam-rock idols like Bowie and T. Rex.

Though it is the bands psychedelic prog-rock style that keeps them shining in the hearts and thumping in the ears of American indie rock lovers. Songs like Sleep Forever and All Your Light (Times Like These)  from In the Mountain in the Cloud will definitely get your mind lifted.

On Tuesday’s show, you will not only indulge your ears in genuine progressive rock, but will also catch some eye-candy with Gourley’s enigmatic avant garde art works that design the bands t-shirts, CD covers, posters and all that other visual voodoo.

So, if you dig the creative eclectic auditory experience of the Flaming Lips, or enjoy those loops produced by RZA of the Wutang Clan that capture the tone of an era, then you will enjoy Portugal. The Man’s Jaegermeister Tour.

It is a guaranteed authentic experience for all music lovers.

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