Miami Noize 2012

Miami Noize 2012

For me, Miami Music Week/WinterMusic Conference ended Saturday night. Though it was a day earlier than the official end, I can’t emphasize enough how okay I was with that.

Following the Dim Mak Pool Party, I made my way over to Mamushka’s for Boys Noize’s label party Miami Noize. The venue was an art gallery converted into a two-stage DJ arena, one indoors and one out.  Given the lineup, I spent most of my time on what was usually the back patio of the gallery. It was a surprisingly intimate venue for such a powerhouse showcase, and from the looks of it, a passerby could have mistaken it for a house party.

Bart B More opened up the night. Knowing him for his banging tunes, I was both surprised and amazed at the fantastic opening set he played. He kept it smooth, sexy and techy, the perfect mood for warming up the crowd. Following Bart was a back to back set between Strip Steve and DJEDJOTRONIC, who kept a similar vibe but upped the energy gradually throughout their two hour set.

Housemeister was up next with what I found to be the most impressive performance of the night. Throughout his mix, I just kept asking myself “What in the world is going on?!” And I’m no novice. The highlight for me was when he played Mumbai Science’s “Lotus.” His mix was so seamless, it’s familiar driving synths snuck up on me.  He easily threw down one of the top fives sets I have ever heard.

Photo by Chase Walks

Spank Rock took the stage after Housemeister. The live DJ/MC combo took the crowd on a ride with a change up that turned the event into a hip hop block party, while still true to the night’s EDM denominator. The constant flow from the MC and the crowd interaction made the place pop off and really come to life.

After their performance, a “surprise guest” was scheduled to play. I could never have guessed it would be the UK’s Annie Mac, and she brought along an entire posse of big names with her: Dillon Francis, Justice, Gesaffelstein, Flux Pavilion, Benga, Skream, and way too many more to name. Even DJ Skeet Skeet and Tommie Sunshine were there, and even though they didn’t play, their presence made for one hell of a party.

She threw down a super fun set full of straight dirty tracks, and she made my day when she did something I’ve been waiting to hear at one of these parties for a long time; a reload.

Finally, Boys Noize took the stage. Surprisingly, he played a set not like any of his sets that I’ve witnessed or heard before. It was completely devoid of bangers and felt very simple and kind of dark, but the energy was still there.

A lot of the tracks were new to me, and in fact he’d said he planned to play a lot of material from his upcoming album. Regardless, I liked the set because of the unexpectedness and unpredictability of it, he kept me surprised all the way through.

All in all, the night was spot on. Given the venue, acts and overall flow of the night, I would be a lying if I said this was not one of the best shows I’d ever attended. For the first Miami Noize, it was quite a success, and a great way for me to end my little venture down to Miami.

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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