Grounded Deliver Sexy Noise Rock From Tallahassee

Grounded EP cover art

If there’s one thing to know about dudes from Fresh Wet Paint, it’s that we’re not just a bunch of detached writers blogging about stuff from a distance. We’re people that like to get down and dirty. If we write about music, we play it. If we blog about parties, we’re also putting together our own.

And so goes the story of Fresh Wet Paint’s Malcolm Martin, who, when he’s not acting as one of our many prose robots, drums and sings in the Tallahassee, Fla., based noise-pop outfit Grounded.

In late March, Grounded put out a three-song EP available for free download on their BandCamp page.

The three songs walk the fine line of lo-fi and garage rock. Lovers of both will find something they like about this batch of tunes, recorded in the adorable Tallahassee home they share. This is straight DIY right here, exactly how FWP likes it done.

So, we encourage everyone to check out our brother in arms. I mean, after all, it’s free! And it’s good, or we wouldn’t post about it. Duh.

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