GPS’ Top 5 EDM Tunes: April 2012

GPS’ Top 5 EDM Tunes: April 2012

Well, do I have something awesome for you ladies and gents!

At the end of every month, I will now be posting my top five personal favorite EDM tunes. This won’t necessarily be tunes that have been released in the past month, but more so tunes I have really been digging these 30 days, regardless of release date (because, let’s face it, sometimes gems fall through the cracks).

Without further ado, here are my April 2012 top 5:

5. Indiekid - A City Never Sleeps (12″ Plastic Toys Remix)

Starting off, we have 12″ Plastic Toys‘ Remix of Indiekid’s “A City Never Sleeps”. With a really chill vibe and nice progression, this track is a great way to end a set or just for listening on a nice, late-night drive.

4. Arveene & Misk - Hells Bells (Tommie Sunshine & Dan Aux Remix)

Tommie Sunshine and Dan Aux took “Hells Bells” and gave it a groovy and funky retouch. You’ll need your dancing shoes for this one.

3. Alvin Risk - Psychotic

This monster of a tune by Alvin is hard enough to wreck havoc of any dancefloor. If grindhouse and dutch house did the nasty, Psychotic would be the offspring.

2. Mark Starr – Rood Boy

There is no way this tune could not have made this list. With a bassy groove and feel, this tune by Mark Starr is sure to get people dancing. Totally a Dirtybird style jam if that is what you are looking for.

1. Flosstradamus - Total Recall

While already a few months old (and unfortunately taken down for using a sample) this tune is about as original and revolutionary as it gets. You know a song is amazing when you can’t find a genre close enough to describe it. Though it is down, you should be able to find a download link of it somewhere on the net with some Googling.

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