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Plants and Animals
Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

March is upon us, along with the Ides, Steak and a Blowjob Day, and everybody’s favorite boozapalooza: St. Patrick’s Day.

But with another month down, we though it’d be cool to give you what we think are some of the best non-EDM (calm down bassheads) tunes from February.

We’re bringing everything from heavy guitars to tricked out banjos, from auto-tuned choruses to multilingual landscapes.

So here they are, in no particular order. And make sure to check the link below for the Spotify playlist.

Punch Brothers – Movement and Location 

Genre: Bluegrass
Why it rules: Who uses delay effects on a banjo? Honestly!


Cheap Girls –  Ruby

Genre: Punk
Why it rules: Kinda reminds us of the Goo Goo Dolls before they went pop.


Fun. – Some Nights

Genre: Pop
Why it rules: Early favorite for Song of the Year. Think Queen meets Kanye.


Pontiak – Lions of Least

Genre: Rock
Why it rules: Pontiak brings the rock to the party.


You Won’t – Who Knew?

Genre: Folk
Why it rules: Didn’t you hear? Every playlist needs its cutesy indie ballad. Also a strong candidate for Album Cover of the Year.


Amadou & Mariam (feat. Santigold) – Dougou Badia

Genre: Rock
Why it rules: World music purists may find this blending of Melanesian artists and American indie rock offensive, but we love it.


Plants and Animals – Lightshow

Genre: Rock
Why it rules: Its anthemic and catchy guitar hook engages us from start to end.


And, as promised for you Spotify folks, here’s a playlist with three bonus tunes we loved.

FRESH WET PAINT: Best Songs of February 2012

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