Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman

Self-Portrait Taken at Age 13

Francesca Woodman was a talented photographer whose life and career were cut short at a young age. Her work is powerful and evocative while remaining simple. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has organized the first ever comprehensive show of her work at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

Woodman was born in 1958 and began photography at the very young age of 13. She attended art school in Rhode Island and Rome in the 70′s. Her style, as it developed, often consisted of self-portraits that explore her own form.

After school, she moved to New York City where she attempted to work in the field of fashion photography. She never found any true financial success and became depressed. At the age of 22, she jumped out of her loft’s window in New York City to her death.

Francesca left behind about 10,000 negatives, now in the possession of her parents. Less than 200 of them have ever been seen by the public. The Guggenheim currently has 120 of her photographs, short films, sketches and grandiose plans for a temple on display until June.

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