Dim Mak Records Presents Obey The Kitty: Miami Edition Pool Party

Dim Mak Records Presents Obey The Kitty: Miami Edition Pool Party

This year’s Winter Music Conference/Miami Music Week saw an endless string of parties, and we here at Fresh Wet Paint were all over it. Saturday, I made a trip down to Miami to check out the Dim Mak Records pool party at the Dream Hotel in South Beach, and you know ish got wet and wild.

The party went down on the roof of the hotel. With an area big enough to hold a few hundred people, this event was a rather intimate affair between fans and the Dim Mak crew.

Upon our arrival, Dirtyphonics were just finishing their dirty set and R3hab was about to go on. The recent IDMA award winner seemed to really enjoy the drumstep tune Dirtyphonis’ were closing their set with as he readied his own equipment. Once the track played out, R3hab threw down a set of his usual destructive and crazy dutch tunes (something he likes to refer to as “chainsaw madness!”). Sidney Samson followed up with another hard hitting set of bangers.

After Samson wrapped up, Aoki himself took the decks, though he was not listed on the bill. It seems that was a regular trend this year for label heads playing Ultra, who forced their headliners to sign non-competitive contracts. He played a new track and, shortly after started, went back to back with Clockwork. During their set, Aoki dropped Clockwork’s new track “Squad Up,” a banger which immediately caused the crowds to loose their minds.

Joachim Garraud

Staying true to his typical showmanship, Aoki proceeded to throw a cake at the crowd, champaign shower them and crowd surf a handful of times. Basically, just like every Aoki show ever.

At one point, he climbed to the roof of the DJ booth, placed an inflatable raft over the crowd below and jumped into it. The crowd caught him and threw him into the pool shortly after, disregarding the fact that it was the shallow side. Luckily, the literal head of Dim Mak came out unharmed.

After he finished, Lil Jon took to the stage. Most of the crowd was on or around the booth (which was surrounded on all sides by a small puddle, aside from the steps going into it). His set consisted mostly of familiar anthems to pump up the crowd, but he went into some fun hip-hop at the halfway point. It was a change of pace for the EDM label party, but the crowd was feelin’ it.

As the sun gradually made its way to the horizon, Lil Jon finished his set. The crowd had seen a surprise appearance from Afrojack, and though he did not play, the crowd loved his company. Datsik was amongst the crowd as well.

Joachim Garraud took the helm after Lil Jon and, I must say, had the best performance of the day. Rocking a keytar, he played fingered various solos during the course of his set, an element that added a lively and unique flavor to each track.

Afrojack and R3hab

Come sunset, Junior Sanchez brought out the dark and sexy beats, perfectly fitting for the late hour, giving the crowd a sense of come-down with the setting sun. But it didn’t end there, as SonicC went on to revive the energy in the crowd membersk who’d stuck around till the end. He dropped bangers including Tommy Trash’s remix of “Antidote” and Dada Life’s “Kick out the Epic Motherfucker.”.

Dim Mak pulled off quite a number with their showcase. When the crowd had peetered out, they left cake in the pool and cups everywhere, but that’s just how rock stars party. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (but big ups to the Dream Hotel cleaning crew, y’all are the real super stars).


GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.


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