Christophe Coppens: “Women of the Fields”

Christophe Coppens: “Women of the Fields”

If there is one thing we love at Fresh Wet Paint, it’s seeing all our favorite forms of media and expression come together in one harmonious marriage of awesome.

Striking artistic visuals, avant garde livery and mellow synth-pop melodies are exactly the kind of trifecta we are talking about – and it’s what director Javier Barcala’s video showcasing Christophe Coppens’ upcoming S/S 2012 collection delivers.

The video, titled “Women of the Fields,” features a song from Irish singer-songwriter and record producer Róisín Murphy (also of Moloko fame) called “Cré Ni A Forna.”  Murphy is seen behind a kaleidoscopic lens, performing odd ritualistic dances while looking like a futuristic Scarecrow in Coppens’ surreal garb.

The pieces shown are a magnum opus of multifaceted textiles and finely ornamented threads that can be found on the designer’s web store.

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