12″ Plastic Toys: Dubcore EP

12″ Plastic Toys: Dubcore EP

Aw yeah, my favorite Italian playthings are at it again. 12″ Plastic Toys has a brand new EP: Dubcore. With a total of 7 jams (4 originals and 3 remixes of the title track), this heavy hitting release is sure to keep your head bangin’.

Remixers include none other than Your Dirty Habit, Deathface, and Telmini, an artist we’ll be looking into more thanks to this banging rendition. Your Dirty Habit adds their flare of hard, grimey  house and bass to their version of Dubcore. Deathface throws in his lust for destructive dubstep on it, and Telmini remixes it into a dark, yet hard, DnB tune with a fun twist towards the end. Seriously, this EP covers enough heavy sounds and enough tempos to get almost anyone going ham on the dancefloor.

By the way, did I mention this whole monster is free? That’s right folks, a 7-track EP with bangin’ remixes all for the low price of nothing. So seriously, go download it now and get some noise complaints.

Click HERE to download the FREE EP!

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