Style Blogger Feature: Lorna Burford Of Denim Blog And Raindrops Of Sapphire

Style Blogger Feature: Lorna Burford Of Denim Blog And Raindrops Of Sapphire

No matter what season, temperature or current trend is cycling through the ever-changing fashion world, one thing is certain: denim will always be in. Being a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl is definitely not a bad thing, especially when you are Lorna Burford.

She’s the jean queen and both writer/editor for DenimBlog, as well as her own super cute personal style blog – Raindrops of Sapphire. Lorna isn’t afraid to get daring in denim, so we caught up with her to get the inside scoop on her fashion favorites and to learn a little more about what it’s like being in her shoes— err jeans.


FWP: What influenced you to become a style blogger?:

I never intentionally decided to be a style blogger originally. I have been blogging (on DenimBlog) for a good few years now, and I started doing denim reviews about two years ago, so the readers could see how denim fits on a regular person etc. I then decided that I would like my own blog (Raindrops of Sapphire) so I can document my style more, not just by reviewing jeans, but by posting my outfits for others to see.

I loved reading other people’s personal style blogs and seeing their outfits on a daily basis, and I suppose it led from there. My influences were probably other bloggers and my denim reviews. I’m really glad that I did though, I love blogging and I love sharing things with my readers! I find it’s important to have a unique voice. I wanted to give inspiration to people and show things that I love. I wont post anything on my blog that I don’t like or believe in.


Would you say your style is influenced by what is currently “in” or that you dress to what bests fits your own style?:

It is a mix of both actually. I never opt into a trend if it doesn’t work for me. I always pick clothes that are flattering on my body, but if a trend comes around that I love then I will definitely incorporate it. The one thing I go by though is fit; everything has to fit me well and look nice. Sometimes, when trends come around that I really like the look of, I don’t go near them because they just don’t work for me. Being confident in your clothes and having them fit you well is much more important than wearing something that’s in at the moment, in my opinion.

I find you can always incorporate trends though! Say the colour yellow was in at the moment, but it looked really bad against your skin tone, you can easily work it by wearing yellow accessories.


How would you define your style?:

Mostly denim orientated I guess. I couldn’t honestly pinpoint words for my style though. I have always struggled with this. I am myself, and I wear what I feel like wearing on that day. One day that might be a floral dress, the other day it might be my faux leather skinny jeans or ripped jeans. It’s a whole mix of things. I don’t know if you could describe it in a few words. One thing it isn’t though is trashy. I like to try and have smartness and keep it classic, rather than be too adventurous and end up looking terrible. Well, I hope I pull that off.

(We certainly think you do, Lorna!)


Personal fashion icon:

I really don’t have just one. I take my inspiration from all over, but if we are picking celebs, I love Jessica Alba, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Those ladies have wonderful style, and they adore denim, too! 


If you could choose any one designer to makeover your entire wardrobe, who would it be:

This is so tough. Usually I am just a fan of certain parts of designers collections and not as a whole, but, if I had to choose just one, maybe Victoria Beckham. She designs wonderful jeans and her style is always so classy and put together. That’s a seriously tough question though. Maybe I could combine her with The Olsen twins, they also design some great stuff. But so does Marc Jacobs and Balmain

What staple items are a MUST in your closet?:

I actually made a post on my wardrobe staples [here] and it consists of skinny jeans, blazers, heels and definitely accessories like bags/jewellery/scarves. I can’t live without my skinny jeans! They are a part of my everyday outfits and I find that blazers smarten up your look so much. Adding heels always helps too!


As the denim queen, we want to know – best pair of jeans you’ve ever purchased?

Now, this is possibly one of the toughest questions I get asked. It’s so hard to say! I own many jeans, probably in the region of 250 and upwards … eek! So I have a lot of favorites. I think I am going to cheat here and say a few if you will allow it! Hudson Nico in Chelsea, Dylan George Lucy in Czar, Diesel Matic 81M, Paige Verdugo in June Lake, 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere in Zuma Sunset and my MET Eco Pelle leather skinnies. Honestly though, there are so many I could pick!


Best jeans under $100?:

This is also tough as I haven’t really found many non premium brands that fit me well at all. I do think some American Eagle jeans are nice though and some Hollister jeans!


Does your boyfriend take any styling tips from you?:

Ha ha, I try to encourage him to wear some of the things I love, like denim shirts and different coloured jeans, but he has none of it. He’s actually very fashionable himself and I love how he dresses anyway. He lives in Diesel jeans and has great style, so it’s ok. He does take my advice on things sometimes though and vice versa.  We trust each others judgment on clothes.


Do you have a favorite menswear designer?:

Ooh, I haven’t been asked this one before! It’s not an individual designer as such, but the designers behind the menswear at All Saints are good, I love some of the things they come up with. I don’t really have one otherwise.


What is always in your beauty arsenal?:

Mascara! I can’t live without mascara! I also use my Bare Escentuals mineral foundation. It’s wonderful!


Best beauty budget finds?:

You might be surprised, but I am not one of those girls that adores make up and obsesses over it (except mascara), I am quite abnormal in that sense. I have a few things I like and I stick with them. I would say it would have to be the Aussie hair products though, they are a good price and the miracle moist collection is so lovely on my hair.


Favorite places to shop?:

Topshop, definitely! I live in that shop! It’s one of my favourites! Urban Outfitters, River Island, Mulberry, Kurt Geiger and more! For denim, I would pick somewhere like Donna Ida, Trilogy or Harvey Nichols though. I like department stores a lot as they have everything in one place. I don’t live in a big city though, so I do end up shopping online most of the time, which includes ASOS, too!


Currently on your iPod rotation:

You might laugh at this one, but I will be honest! I have some Disney songs on there, I love Disney songs (the ones from cartoons like The Lion King), but I also have Jason Derulo, Lady Ga Ga, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Ne-Yo, Usher, Dire Straits, Guns N Roses … I have a very eclectic taste in music. I love most styles.


Favorite fashion/style blogs/sites you read regularly?:

I have SO many! I will list the ones I go to on a daily basis though! Cupcakes & Cashmere, Mariannan, Fashion Toast, The Blonde Salad and DenimBlog (obviously).


What is the most exciting thing to happen for you through your blogging experience?:

I literally love every moment of blogging, pretty much, but there are two things that have been the best for me: My jeans collaboration with Paige Denim and the styling/modeling shoot for ASOS magazine.

Paige and I collaborated on some jeans, which we named the Lorna wash. The wash was released in the Skyline, Lou Lou, Laurel Canyon and Tristan. It had a special collaboration tag with a poem on it in memory of my grampy as well. The jeans were a hit and sold out online at quite a few places. Also, Cindy Crawford was spotted wearing the Lou Lou in Lorna, that was like a dream come true! I still can’t believe it.

The ASOS Magazine shoot was wonderful! I went up to London to style a model, and model myself for the magazine. It was an amazing experience, being on a shoot like that and seeing how everything works and being a part of it. I will never forget that! Hopefully, there might be more to come!

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