Hundred Waters: The East Coast Tour That Almost Wasn’t

Hundred Waters live at the Church of Holy Colors in Gainesville

Hundred WatersSome bands get started with the aim of making it big; dreaming of fame, fortune and everything that goes with it. (Yes, that was a Queen reference — I thank you all.)

Sometimes, those bands achieve success and hit the big time. Sometimes, those bands fail and are left forgotten by the pages of history, a mere speck on the map in the music scene.

Then you have bands like Gainesville, Fla.’s Hundred Waters, who started out with the intention of going nowhere and now sit on the possibility of becoming their hometown’s brightest star.

The band — made up of singer, pianist and flutist Nicole Miglis, programmers and bassists Trayer Tryon and Paul Giese, harmony vocalist and percussionist Sam Moss and drummer Zach Tetreault — are releasing their debut LP as they prepare to embark on a month-long tour of the east coast, culminating in a visit to indie-rock mecca, South By Southwest music festival.

Comparing the sound of Hundred Waters to that of better-knowns is difficult. They’re sound draws from so many musical backgrounds. Miglis is a classical pianist influenced by Joni Mitchell. The group’s programmers love Aphex Twin. Tetreault is a trained jazz trumpeter in addition to the work he does on drums.

The best comparison we can make — and we’re fully ready to admit there might be some better comparison we’re unaware of — is to a highly experimental Imogen Heap record.

SONG: “Me and Anodyne” (Source: Hundred Waters’ Official SoundCloud Page)

What sets a song like Me and Anodyne apart is the vocal harmonies (all sung by Miglis) hovering over the latin-tinged, jazzy beat and waves of electronica. Each phrase is woven together into a masterful quilt of sound, Postal Service-style.

Hundred Waters’ work in the studio is definitely quality stuff, so we hope you understand when we say their live show puts the recordings to shame – it’s a serious testament to the band’s live atmosphere.

The level of execution it takes for them to perform is simply stunning. Miglis can be seen at the front of the stage working a rig with keyboards, auxilary percussion, a microphone and her flute by her side. She switches between all four with unbelievable grace.

To her right, Moss is stationed, performing Miglis’ recorded harmonies perfectly and using a lone cymbal to help add to Tetreault’s percussion. Sometimes, he adds his voice into the mix, singing in falsetto to mimic a female voice. Then there’s Tryon and Giese behind the front lines, each working a mixer, swelling in electronic samples and moonlighting on bass guitar, or occasionally the djembe.

SONG: “Boreal” (Source: Hundred Waters’ Official SoundCloud Page)

Beyond the precision, the music just hits you harder when played before an audience. It’s an entirely different experience. It moved us in ways the studio music can’t. It’s just something you just have to experience yourself. Check out full tour dates below.

Amazingly, both Tetreault and Miglis said the band didn’t start with intentions of performing live — it just happened that way.They also never planned to generate so much musical blog buzz – but they did.

So, if you find yourself in the path of their storm up and down the East Coast. We highly recommend catching the brilliant show that almost never hit the stage. You won’t regret it.

Feb 25 – The Backyard @ Boca Fiest – Gainesville, Fla.

March 1 – Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park – Tampa, Fla.

March 2 – The Blue Owl – Sarasota, Fla.

March 3 – Club Bardot – Miami, Fla.

March 5 – The Bobo Gallery – Asheville, N.C.

March 6 – Gallery 5 – Richmond, Va.

March 7 – Shea Stadium – Brooklyn, NYC

March 8 – Piano’s – NYC

March 9 – 424 King Ave @ The Johnson House – Athens, Ga.

March 10 – Orange You Glad Festival – Orlando, Fla.

March 11 – Church Of Holy Colors – Gainesville, Fla.

March 17 – SXSW – Austin, TX

April 24 – Jacksonville SuperFest – Jacksonville, Fl

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