Daft Punk’s New Album Featuring Nile Rodgers

Daft Punk

Holy shit. Holy shit. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Some kind of real confirmation that our favorite French robots, the best of the best in dance floor designer beats, the masters of all you know are back in the studio.

I point you to this article from Houston’s Culture Map, in which Nile Rodgers, the man behind the funky sounds of 1970s disco/funk/soul outfit Chic, talks about beating cancer and getting ready for the ultimate come-back: teaming up with Daft Punk to work on their epicly long-awaited fourth album (because I guess Tron doesn’t count, even though I love that soundtrack, too).

Here’s what he said:

[box] “Those guys are great,” he said. “They’re coming to my apartment on Monday and we’re going to talk about making a new record together.”[/box]

You’re right Nile Rodgers! Those guys are fucking great! And you’re great! I couldn’t be more happy that you beat cancer. If there is a God, and he does have a plan, I’m glad his plan includes keeping one of the funkiest dudes around alive so he can work on what will obviously be a super-stellar album, that will hopefully lead to an even more impressive tour.

Now, try to ever sleep again until it’s released. I’M LE FREAKING OUT.


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