Big Gigantic: Live In Gainesville

Big Gigantic: Live In Gainesville

Big Gigantic kicked off their 2012 tour in Tallanasty, hitting up four cities in Florida. Gainesville was the second on their list, and my god did they bring one hell of a show. Thanks to my boys over at Organic Vision, Gainesville was lucky enough to be one of those four stops.

My glasses fogged two seconds after entering the venue, which had become a sauna generated from a crowd of dancing souls. They were jiving to a surprise performance from none other than Greenhouse Lounge, a three-piece electronic/fusion experience from Jacksonville, Fla. This was my fifth time seeing them, and each time they find new ways to amaze and make me to get down to some funky jams.

After GHL wrapped up their set, it was time. The light rig powered up, and the men of the night both walked on stage. It was time to get this show fucking started!

I felt as if I were going to the next level, like Big G was taking us onto their big-gigantic ship out to space, and that’s where my mind went! Hearing Dom bust out those high upper register notes on his sax sent me to the next dimension, from which I never wanted to come back.

[box] If the music didn’t put you in a trance (which was nearly impossible), no one’s mind stood a chance in the face of the light rig. It’s so powerfully brilliant, the vault had to rent out a generator in order to keep it powered. This glowing behemoth is the visual centerpiece of Big G’s tour.[/box]

Unfortunately, Gainesville did not get the full experience of the two pods that encompass the duo, as featured on New Year’s Eve in Chicago, Ill., the debut of their new lighting production. Instead, we got to experience the top two parts of the pod, which was used as their backdrop instead of being hung over them.

Dom of Big Gigantic performing in GainesvilleSimply put, there wasn’t enough room. Surprisingly, the pair of three concentric LED panels and the band actually found a way to fit on the Vault’s awkwardly positioned stage, which allowed the VIP area to be right over the band where they could  get a glimpse of Jeremy’s complex fills and catch Dom ripping the shit out of his tenor sax from a bird’s eye view.

Their set was filled with lots of originals and some classic remixes, like “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” and “I Need A Dollar.” But for the most part, Big G played tracks from their latest album, “Nocturnal,” which has seen nothing but success in the past two months. It even jumping to the number two spot on iTunes’ electronic charts.

They went through Fantastic, The Heavyweight Champion, Nocturnal, Stronger and more. They wrapped up their set with my personal favorite “Eyes Closed,” featuring complex melodies and rhythms by the duo to demonstrate their virtuosic capabilities on both the sax and set. 

If you guys haven’t already done so, pick up their latest album “Nocturnal” off their website! You can also check out some sweet tour giveaways and see the full tour schedule. If they’re coming anywhere near you, do not hesitate.

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