1 Night In Miami: Hot Tunes, Hot People, Hot Mess

Felix Cartal at 1 Night In Miami

1 Night In Miami March flyerLast week was the kick-off addition of Miami’s newest massive monthly, 1 Night In Miami. It’s from the bosses at Committee Entertainment, the same peeps behind mega-awesome parties like Dayglo and Dancegiving Music Festival, so it’s no question that the line-up will always be killer and the bitches will be sexy.

This shindig goes down at Space, only one of the most premiere clubs in Miami, and therefor the globe. Multiple levels of rooms with different flavors round out the evening, but of course, the real show is the terrace where the headliners get down.

This time around, it was a funky, techy electro edition featuring two of our favorite selektors, Harvard Bass and Felix Cartal.

We got there a little late, around 1 a.m. just as Harvard Bass was taking the stage, and the place was already swamped. There was a lot of classic and contemporary hip-hop going down on the first floor, greeting the shaking booties as they made their way into the venue. If you’ve never been to Space, I totally encourage you to take a flick with the giant spaceman by the entrance. Total Kodak moment in the making.

[box] The place was poppin’ off like a champagne bottle at a Steve Aoki concert, and it was a crazy battle to get upstairs to see the main acts. Make sure you get there early for upcoming events. You do not want to be left out in the cold, punching bitches in the face to get to heaven. [/box]

But once that mission was behind us, we fell right into the groove with Harvard Bass who was killing it on the funky tech tip. He was droppin’ bass beats and driving, syncopated rhythms so boss they pretty much forced the crowd to vogue the fuck out. Seriously, Harvard always leaves us at FWP super impressed, and this was no exception.

Felix Cartal was up next, and he wasted no time picking up the groove and taking the place to next-level electro goodness. The crowd had their hands in the air right from the start as smoke filled the room, which was wonderfully decorated with inflatable octopi and giant disco balls.

Of course, he dropped his recent singles Domo and Don’t Turn Off The Lights, the former being one of my personal favs for this season, and the latter being a big hit with the rest of the crowd. He also dropped his remix of Britney Spears’ I Wanna Go, but we won’t hold that against him.

Oh, and here’s a fair warning, the drinks are retarrrrrrded expensive at Space. If you ain’t got no money, leave your broke-ass home – or stay sober. It’s up to you. Then again, maybe you’re not coming to an EDM party to drink a whole heck of a lot. Look, we’re not judging you on your life choices. Just giving you a heads up.

The night was a big birthday bash for Committee’s head-honcho, and I can only imagine he had a great fucking bday. But the next time around, March 16, is gonna be even nuttier. It’s the special welcome-to-WMC edition, and they’re bringing a sick dubstep line-up that we can’t share with you yet, but know you’re gonna totally fucking love.

Stay up-to-date with Committee Events by liking their facebook, and make sure you get in on this monthly madness.

Felix Cartal – Domo (Original Mix)

Felix Cartal – Don’t Turn On The Lights (feat. Polina)

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