Who is Hanksy?

Hanksy Rat

HanksyBanksy is an enigmatic name that has become synonymous with street art. His work is provocative and usually holds some sort of witty meaning or political statement. Banksy has entered a new level of public-consciousness with his film Exit Through The Gift Shop.

Banksy has mastered a rather simple process using stencils, which leads to quite a few imitations and impostors. One such spoof artist recently on the scene is the equally enigmatic Hanksy.

Pieces signed by ‘Hanksy’ started appearing in the Lower East Side of New York, but his work was recently spotted in Chicago. Each piece replicates a famous Banksy original – but with one important difference. In one way or another, they feature the actor Tom Hanks and his work, usually by slapping his face on there.

Some internet sleuthing (google) lead me to a website that is rather perplexing. It is an exact replica of Banksy’s website and even involves a famous Banksy painting. It seems to be unrelated to the Tom Hanks obsessed Hanksy though and more an environmental cause that happens to use poorly executed stencil work. I guess there are two Hanksies out there in the world. The more the merrier, I guess.


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