Wet Paint Presents: Coyote Kisses

Wet Paint Presents: Coyote Kisses


I’d like to introduce you guys to some superstars of Soundcloud, Coyote Kisses. This Florida-based duo is already a rising force in the scene,  and guess what?  We’re hosting them live in Gainesville this Friday.

Coyote Kisses is the brainchild of two longtime childhood friends, Bryce Bresnan and Joseph Sussingham, both hailing from Lakeland, Florida. Their production style allows for some epic remixes of masterpieces such as the Star Wars Binary Sunset Theme. Also really feeling the tunes Concious Pilot and Starchaser. Their live setup is all their own works of production, so you can expect some massive drops and some glorious feeling eargasms.


We also have our resident GPS on the decks opening up the evening. He just released a new banger of a mix so definitely check it out below:

$5 Cover before 12:00 – $1 PBRS & $2.25 Single
Click here for FaceBook Event Details.

aka Joel Richard Kienitz, is the co-founder of Fresh Wet Paint. He currently lives in Chicago and works in marketing and music. Soundcloud page


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