Tycho Coming To Gainesville Tuesday

Tycho poster

Tycho posterGet ready, Gainesville. Something awesome this way comes.

No, I’m not talking about the Drake show. I’m talking about Tycho.

He’s playing Double Down Live Tuesday, bringing his brand of chillwave to the stage.

The best way to describe his music is electronic post-rock. We’re talking about the serene sonic landscapes that come from post-rock and shoegaze outfits like Sigur Ros and Hammock–with a steady, danceable pulse.

What makes Tycho an especially worthwhile electronic act to see is that he actually plays instruments live.

Where most DJs and electronic acts play back what’s already recorded, Hansen incorporates live instruments into his shows. He goes beyond the electronic and into the land where mistakes and imperfections can happen–all the while giving the listener proof: Yes, I am a real musician.

And he’s not just sitting at a synthesizer. Hansen, beyond his skills with a keyboard and a paintbrush, can also play guitar and will alternate instruments during his sets. He has also been known to incorporate live drums, making the live experience a far more organic one.

And here’s another detail that might make you ask yourself what the hell you’re doing with your life: He’s also an established graphic design artist, going by the alias ISO50. The songs, in some cases, are inspired by the art. One example of this, Coastal Brake, which can be found on his website.

Two bands will open for Tycho: Beacon, and newcomers Hundred Waters.

According to the event’s Facebook page, tickets are $12 for 21+; $14 for under 21.

Tycho – Coastal Brake

Tycho – The Daydream

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