Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal’s Conception Volumique Photography

Noemi Goudal is a London-based photographer and master of deception. Her photographs depict landscapes that are most often run-down or generally mundane. The catch is, she puts a gateway into a new, more ethereal location in the middle of the landscape, using blown-up photographs. Her work blurs the line of which element is the art itself. There is the landscape, an installation inside that landscape, and the final product being the image in front of you. This is referred to in the design world as  ‘Conception Volumique’.

One of her more confusing and interesting images appears to be that of a waterfall in the woods, at first glance. It quickly reveals itself to be a couple of hanging plastic sheets. The illusion is a powerful one – she takes a simple concept and does wonders with it. It somehow manages to look both 100 percent real and genuinely fake at the same time.

Goudal’s work is extremely powerful and intriguing. I believe her own view sums it up best.

“I wish to offer through my photographs escapes into alternative landscapes where the reconstruction
of new lands is made possible. The journey inside the image will invite the viewer to enter the space as well as entering the narrative of a ‘make-believe,’ bringing him into the game between fiction and reality in which one can identify the fragility of one’s own desires.”

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