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Nasty Gal siteBeing a part of the young 20-something hipster era means that when it comes to fashion we all want one thing: to be original. And of course, by original, I actually mean recycling what was once cool, but now sits forgotten at the bottom of a trunk in your grandmother’s attic.

It’s hard to find the patience to go from thrift store to thrift store and sort through racks stuffed full of neon jacket suits and high-wasted 80’s acid wash Levi’s you hope will look like their contemporary redesign (the skinny jean) but actually look more like mom jeans when worn. All of the treasures have usually been dug up by the time you get there, and even if you manage to find a diamond in the rough, the chances the fit will be flattering are slim.

That’s where Sophia Amoruso, founder and CEO of Nasty Gal Clothing, comes into the picture. Sophia started Nasty Gal in 2006 as a modest Ebay store. She ran it single handedly; doing everything from the buying, styling and photography, to writing the auction descriptions, handling customer service and shipping out the purchases. Her goal was to offer unique pieces of personality and quality for the not so average girl. Her business took off with wild success and quickly grew to what is now a crew of more than 50 employees and a massive following of fashion fanatics.

On top of selling some of the most alluring vintage pieces out there, Nasty Gal has mastered the city-girl street image trendsetters of the world go crazy for, offering up a kick-ass array of cutting-edge designer threads. I’ve been gushing over the super-sexy Get It Skirt in leopard and the Americana Moto Jacket, which screams “The Boss.”

These items do come at a slightly heavier than pocket-change rate, but do not fret. The easily navigated site features an option that allows you to sort items by price to help narrow your vision. But let’s face it; these duds are worth saving your dimes for, because Nasty Gals do it better.

You can find out more about Sophia and the Nasty Gal crew in the video below, but don’t let us keep you from your newest compulsive spending addiction.


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