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MIMA House

The American Dream – twisted, broken and bloody as it is – tells us home-ownership is one of the peak experiences of human life. We grow up imagining our “dream home” and how wonderful it will be to furnish it exactly how we’d like it. Mine comes with an old-fashioned library full of smoking chairs and a few secret passageways.

Of course, owning a home and dreaming of one are two entirely different concepts, and one comes a lot easier than the other.

Enter the MIMA House, from MIMA architects. Inspired by the simple elegance of Japanese architecture, the MIMA house is a simple and light-weight design made to your specifications, then delivered to your plot (you are a landowner, aren’t you?).

You tell MIMA how many outside wall panels you want, how many inside walls, what color everything should be, etc. They make it all seem very easy and attractive. And the best part is your house need never be the same for long! The walls are actually double-sided and moveable, so what is a giant loft space with white walls can easily become a small room and living space seperated by wood panels! If you design it to be so.

MIMA houses, no matter how you configure them, give the homeowner ample open space, beautiful views and simple elegance. I absolutely want one.

Check out this video to learn more and enjoy this woman’s voice – it’s wonderfully not American.


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