Kathryn Carr’s Fantastical Magical Paper Worlds

Flight of the Bikes Kathryn Carr

Sometimes in art, the simplest methods create the most striking images, and although “simple” is not the first word that comes to mind when viewing Kathryn Carr‘s paper cuttings, her basic methods leave us with images we can’t get out of our heads.

Since 2008, Carr has been turning black sheets of paper into fantasy-scapes straight from the story book in her mind. Inspired by the German paper cutting artist Scherenschnitte, her work embodies the playful mystery of old fairy tales and far away imaginary lands. And she’s totally self-taught.

“I turned my attention to this art form because I was drawn to the bold imagery of the paper cut silhouette and the intriguing shadows they cast,” she said in her artist bio. “My whimsical designs begin by sketching an idea and giving it a sense of movement and playfulness. I will then draw the image on a back of the paper that is to be cut. Using a scissor or knife blade I will carefully cut away the paper to reveal the image.”

See? It sounds simple, but just look at this stuff. It’s gorgeous in its simple complexity. We especially dig the Animal Farm scene. You can find her work all over the U.S., so keep an eye out for Carr and escape reality a little while.

IN FACT! Carr is showing at the Paper Thin Theater at 709 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, Penn., starting Friday, Jan. 26. Check her out, and catch a class with her Saturday at the Society of Contemporary Craft. If you’re in the area, don’t miss this awesome opportunity! And be sure to tell us about it.


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