Black Milk Clothing: A Love Affair With Nylon

Black Milk Skeleton bathing suit

Once upon a time, there was a man named James Lillis, and he was poor – until he started making some of the sexiest leggings known to the world of fashion.

Lillis is the brain and hands behind Black Milk Clothing. He makes leggings, dresses, swimsuits, bodysuits and skirts out of exclusively nylon fabrics. But this is no tacky-disco 80s trash. Black Milk Clothing is like works of art you can wear.

A lot of pieces are very limited release, so super-fans know to check religiously for the best new styles and patterns. I’m particularly into the galaxy leggings and skeleton/skull wear.

This stuff isn’t cheap. The leggings start at about $75-90, but the beauty of each pair and the edgy style they provide is more than worth it. And when you read Lillis’ story, you kinda just want to support him anyway.

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