Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network: TechStars Talk

Ben Huh of Cheezburger Network

The other day, I was working on a piece about mobile apps to help you broadcast your boring life, and while perusing the Ustream app for usability and features, I found this awesome program called This Week In. They just happened to be showing a recent talk from Cheezburger Network CEO Ben Huh on the new era of internet business, how he found success and of course, what it all means.

I know what you’re (probably) thinking. Who the fuck is Ben Huh? Well, besides being my newest personal hero and entrepreneurial idol, he’s the man who saw potential in cat memes and owns all your favorite blogs. He’s the genius behind I Can Haz Cheezburger?, Fail Blog, Know Your Meme and many more. Basically, your life would suck without him.

I was truly inspired by the talk featured in this video, beginning at about the 20 min. mark, and it’s my hope you will be inspired as well. In light of all this SOPA/PIPA bullshit, as we enter a world without MegaUpload, let us be reminded what we’re fighting for. We’re fighting for a glorious new world of economic possibility, entrepreneurial opportunity and free information. And, of course, hilarious lolcats.


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