B. Brown – Lemme Know

B. Brown feat. GhostWridah Lemme Know cover art

B. Brown feat. GhostWridah Lemme Know cover artY’all already know our boy B. Brown is the man. Now he’s back with another sick track and a super slick video, along with fellow Miami mic-ripper GhostWridah. The track is called Lemme Know, and it’s the first official single off the upcoming album The Brenton Brown Affair.

Brown said he’s excited about bringing this video to the world. He said from beginning to end, working on this song has been special. As well, working with GhostWridah has been a much more meaningful experience than the usual in-out relationship with featured MCs.

“GhostWridah is very supportive,” he said. “Some artists, you work with them … they do the track and that’s it. Ghostwridah is very pivtoal in promoting the project. He’s helping us reach people we hadn’t reached before.”

The video features the two MCs living the good life in their beachy hometown and serves as a kind of get-to-know me clip for the young stunner.

“This video was more or less like, I wanted it to be my real introduction,” he said. Of course, this isn’t our boys first foray into the world of moving pictures. His first video, Peep The Sneaks, featured the man reppin’ his championshion roots all across Gainesville’s UF campus. But Lemme Know takes you into the world of B. Brown a little more.

“Now with Lemme Know, we wanted to really get into the professional side of everything. We wanted to make sure that this video said something. We wanted to take it above and beyond.”

Before, B. Brown was just a college grad with a fierce hunger. Now, he’s still hungry, but he’s going hard in Miami, keeping it real.

[box] “Aside from the driving a BMW in the video, that was just the flair,” he said of the flashy aspects of the clip. “But you can still see I have no ice on, no diamonds or anything like that. That’s not my style. Besides my earings or a nice little watch, that would be too flamboyant and not being honest. I’m a college grad and I’m just trying to pursue something real.”[/box]

But Brown is really taking everything to the next level. He recently signed with management team New World Music Group and loves being an addition to their team. He said they’re bringing him “not just a bank roll, but a partnership.”

But yeah yeah, enough with all the blabber and the repping and the hoopla. Here’s the new video from up-and-coming director Jordan Stavrev. And make sure you pay attention to more than just the imagery.

“When they take the time to listen to the lyrics,” Brown said, “everything tells a story.”


And duh, read his blog. It’s dope.

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