Infrared Architect’s 313-315 Symbiosis

Seesaw plans


Have you ever wanted to play on a seesaw in an abandoned hotel? The Greece-based architecture firm Infrared has you covered with their newest piece “313-315 Symbiosis.”

It’s a seesaw spanning rooms 313, 314, and 315 of an abandoned-hotel-turned-gallery-space, hence the name. It is symbiotic because you can be sitting on it in room 315 and interacting with the inhabitants of room 313 and 314 but never actually see them. Though you’re interacting with someone far away, you could still be by yourself in the room.

The seesaw is about 25 feet long. The two outer rooms (313 and 315 respectively) are painted white and brightly lit. The center room (which features no seats, just the fulcrum) is left with the rough look of the hotel’s chipping wallpaper. Room 314 is dimly lit to provide contrast.

The Infrared team has created a simple piece that perfectly explores the playful attributes of interacting with unseen forces. All hotels should have seesaws built through their rooms.

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