With each new bot hitting the scene, robots are becoming more interactive. These days, our metallic friends can walk on their own, talk on their own, pick themselves up, and while thinking on their own is still not exactly a thing, they can do cute fun stuff like kick little orange balls!

DARwIn-OP is one of the cutest and most interesting bots we’ve come across so far.Developed by Virginia Tech in conjunction with Perdue, University of Pennsylvania and robotics company ROBOTIS, DARwIn stands at about 18 inches, walks at a user-modifiable speed, is highly interactive with people and plays soccer!


But the coolest thing about DARwIn is that he comes totally open-platform, that means open source software and hardware. You can actually add more sensors and capabilities, if indeed you know how to, and personalize DARwIn for whatever use you may have.

You can buy this thing for your kids, your classroom or your spare time at the affordable price of $12,000. If that still sounds a little too steep, don’t get discouraged. It’s only a matter of time before the parts get cheaper, the price goes down and we’re all playing soccer with our robots. Just look how cute it is playing with this baby, and check out the second video below for more info on DARwIn-OP from developer Denis Hong.



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