Brass Knuckles – Would I Lie To You

Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles
We were stoked to go to Dancegiving 2011 because of the ill line-up, but one of the best things about music festivals is discovering something really cool you haven’t been exposed to before.

Brass Knuckles was a stand-out discovery for me that Saturday. As soon as I saw them setting up, I knew they were going to bring the party.

Brass Knuckles are south Florida trio comprised of two DJs and a sexy sax man (who apparently also plays guitar from time to time). They brought their own customized t-shirts and trippy, prismatic glasses to throw into the crowd, and they got mad support from Miami’s hype-masters the Illuminatians who shot golden sparks from their girlie parts all over the crowd.

Granted, their set wasn’t the most artistic or experimental thing I’d ever heard, but it was certainly one of the most fun. It was like arena electro, something for everyone to groove to, all pretensions left at the door.

During their set, they dropped their new single “Would I Lie To You,” a catchy nu disco jam perfect for any dance floor. Listen to it here and be introduced to a serious fun-loving group worth watching. Don’t stop yourself from dancing around the room.


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