Alarm Clocks For The Waking Impaired


What they say is true, waking up is hard to do – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Take my story for instance. My body naturally sleeps about 12 hours a day, and it really gets depressing waking up to three hours of sun. I’m used to setting three alarms at a time of the most obnoxiously loud variety, but I still manage to sleep in an hour or two too many.

My mom understands the plight of the vampire youth, and for my birthday, she got me a truly thoughtful gift. Now, I wake up to the beautiful sound of robot bleepy bloops and get up before I even have a chance to hit the snooze button.

When regular alarm clocks just wont’ do, don’t do it. Get a fancy alarm clock of the future and find what works for you (or your sleepy friend). A solution is out there, and we’re bringing you three great alarm ideas to get you started.

This Christmachannakwanzica Solstice, get something special for the sloth in your family. They’ll thank you, as soon as they’ve had their coffee.

Wake up with Clocky! The happy roaming robot.

This is what my mom got me, in black, and I totally adore it. It’s like having R2D2 bring you to life each morning. Buy it here.


iBRIGHT Shooting Gun Alarm

Who doesn’t want to shoot their alarm clock? This totally brilliant alarm goes off for three minutes before entering snooze mode, and you’ve got to shoot the target five times before turning it off. If you miss the center, oops poops, that doesn’t count. Get your ass and your focus up in the morning, available here.

Happillow; the alarm of the future

This pillow-alarm-in-one may still be in the prototype stage, but it could be a reality soon with your support. This pillow gently wakes you with it’s LED display and can even detect your snoring! Easy to use and tons of fun, we can’t wait to have a Happillow of our own.



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