Akay’s Instruments of Mass Destruction

Akay’s Instruments of Mass Destruction


Sometimes, simple vandalism just isn’t enough. Why use one spray can when a robot can use 30? These thoughts propelled the Stockholm-based street artist Akay to create his Instruments of Mass Destruction (complicated technical solutions to aide in simple acts of vandalism.)

I know of two devices that he’s made so far. Above you see the Rainbow Warrior. As the byline of the series says, it is a complicated device with a simple purpose. Rainbow Warrior consists of a vertical stand armed with 30 cans of spray paint in whatever color arrangement you want. The vandal rides his or her bike by a wall and triggers the cans to spray. The result is a rainbow stretching as far as your paint can take it. After the vandal is done, they can just ride off into anonymity (other than the fact that they have a rather large device on the back of their bicycle).

Rainbow Warrior is not the first Instrument of Mass Destruction, that was Robo-Rainbow. Unlike Rainbow Warrior, the vandal must be stopped to use the Robo-Rainbow. It is also smaller in focus and features an arch in the rainbow instead of just a straight line. It seems to leave a brighter mark due to the cans being closer to the wall instead of the misting that Rainbow Warrior applies. Robo-Rainbow is basically a giant mechanical arm that moves in a sweeping, rainbow-like arch. This device is also attached to the vandals’ bicycle and is triggered using a remote control from an R/C Car.

With his Instruments of Mass Destruction series, Akay is showing the world that vandalism can be a very complicated thing.



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