RevolteThe most magical year of my life was 2007. Back then, this crazy world of electro beats felt brand new. We called it “blog house” and we used these sounds to fuel a movement that gave new direction to a generation brought together on a dark dance floor, which back then was more than likely in a sweaty living room than a cool club.

Every time my friends and I discovered a new producer, it was like striking black gold. Some of these groups we discovered in the blogosphere blew up huge and are now giants of their trade; Boys Noize, Fake Blood, Chromeo. Some of them are still beloved, but not quite as played out; Digitalism, Midnight Juggernauts.

And then there are those few we never heard about again, not for the most part, though we never stopped believing and never could get those hooks out of our head.

Today I bring you one such group; Revolte. A duo from Paris, signed to So French Records, characterized and brought to life by two crash test dummies. I can’t find much information on the group, but here is what their translated bio says on their soundcloud:

“It all began in 1985 at a plant in northern California which shall remain nameless for fear of retaliation for our loved ones still prisoners.
It is the old Bill, who created us, one by one, ah the old Bill, we loved him …

We were created to test the comfort inside cars, so that the plant has all its stars and sell millions of cars worldwide.
Everything was going well until the day the factory was bought by Mr Edwards, a wealthy American industrialist, it was cold in the back, we felt the worst that could happen, but we were far from what we imagine waiting for us!
Mr Edwards decided to use us to test the cars in what he called the crash tests! And the horror began …

Each month, two of us were randomly selected to be used in horrible accidents deliberately planned.
Panic took the community, all were terrified, we had to respond, otherwise we would all be wiped out!
Marvin and I escaped August 8, 2005, when the plant was closed and the guards ate breakfast …

Since then we have one wish, release our loved ones still trapped, we are ready to fight, ready for the worst, we cry loudly REVOLT”

I love a group with a good sense of flair and theatricality, and I love a group who delivers such fucking awesome French House. I’ve included here a couple of the old jams which originally sparked my interest in Revolte. The video for Weak Generation, remixed by another great mostly unknown Danger, and a completely massive track from ’07 titled Guess What.

Thankfully, I found they’re still alive and producing, hiding out from the evil Mr. Edwards. These other tracks are more recent, from the past year according to their soundcloud. Please check out the rest of their tracks online, they’re all amazing. I can only hope they’ll continue to fight for dance floors everywhere, and that more people will discover the music of a couple crash test dummies. Enjoy.

Revolte – Guess What

Revolte – Rock My World

Revolte – I Like It

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