Life In A Day: A Video By Us

Day In A Life Promotional Poster

Day In A Life Promotional PosterWhat did you do July 24th, 2010?

Life In A Day is more than 4,500 hours of footage, compiled down to an hour and a half by Last King Of Scotland director Kevin MacDonald, capturing brief moments of human lives from all around the world on that Saturday about a year and four months ago.

The film explores almost every aspect of daily life as people publicly wake up, brush their teeth, and show off what they’ve got in their pockets. We watch as children are born, couples marry, and a 15 year old shaves for the first time. It even happens to be the day of Love Parade 2010, and we watch as a tunnel collapses, kills 19 and sends festival-goers into a frenzy.

Not only is the premise, the execution and the footage of this film awesome, it’s availability is, too. The film has returned to YouTube, the place of it’s birth, to be seen freely by those who submitted videos for inclusion, and those like me who didn’t realize it was happening and kept on living life as usual.

Watch it on full screen and be amazed.


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