Christopher Janney’s Harmonic Convergence

Christopher Janney’s Harmonic Convergence

I have never truly been unhappy in an airport. It probably has to do with the wanderer’s spirit I believe is in all of us. Airports have a certain vibration. They are our gateway to the rest of the world. There is something inherently magnetic about that. At least for me.

This magnetism is what excited me about Christopher Jannye’s work at the Miami International Airport. A massive installation called Harmonic Convergence greets and sends off thousands of people a day. Janney refers to it as an Urban Musical Instrument. This instrument is made of top-of-the-line Vanceva colored glass, video sensors, high fidelity speakers and L.E.D lighting.

The installation is located in a walkway connecting a brand-new rental car terminal with the rest of the airport. This means, it is the first and last entrance into the airport, and often the state of Florida itself, for thousands of people every day. Janney wanted to highlight this by bringing a quintessentially South-Florida soundtrack to the walkway.

As you enter, brightly-lit and colorful video sensors pick up your movement and the music starts. It might be the sounds of the ocean, tropical birds, distant storms, crickets, or marimbas. There are hundreds of different pre-programmed sounds and video sensors all along the corridor that trigger different noises. The sensors also pick-up on the density of the traffic through the corridor. If there are more people walking through, the sounds become much more dense and full. If its just one person late at night, the piece reflects the solitary.

The sonic soundscape can never sound the same twice – ever. The piece changes based on the time of day, so as the world outside moves from day to night, the sounds change along with it.

The visual components of this installation are equally as important as the audio. The Florida sunshine is brought through the colored glass during the day and provides a multi-colored beautiful stained glass effect. At night, the piece utilizes LED lighting that changes colors based on the movement inside the hallway. It is also meant to be viewed from inside and out. As cars arrive to the rental terminal, their passengers see a colorful collage of glass and light.

Harmonic Convergence is an exciting installation that uses the best in current technology to simply create a beautiful space. Whether it is one of the first or one of the last experiences you have in South Florida, it promises to leave a lasting image.


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