Producers You Should Know: Andy’s iLL And Liberty

Producers You Should Know: Andy’s iLL And Liberty

It’s hard to gauge when a producer has “made it.” Some of the music makers I listen to have made good names for themselves, but I can’t help feeling they’re going unnoticed by the majority of dancers. Here at wet paint, we can’t stand for talent going underrated. Today, I would like to introduce you to two artists I got in touch with, both of whom you either know really well, or have never heard of before.

First off, we have Andy’s iLL. Based in London, Ontario (that’s Canada), Andy has been producing for about two years and was signed to Dim Mak Records a few days ago.

“After hearing “The Looks” by MSTRKRFT, I knew that this was something that I needed to be apart of” he told me, but it didn’t take him long to find his true heart in the hardest of beats. “I guess everything is history from that.”

While his songs are highly complex, he said it all really comes down to two simple parts: builds and drops.

“I believe that when you’re at a club, there is nothing that the heart wants more after a build than the best drop,” he said. “I think it’s an amazing feeling. So I try to make songs that make my heart happy.”

He said his work is heavily inspired by the likes of F.O.O.L. Drivepilot, HAEZER, Your ol’ Lady, and Cyberpunkers as well as local acts like Conway and OVERWERK, and you can definitely hear this in his tracks.

Caribou – Sun (Andy’s iLL Refix)

As I Lay Dying – I Never Wanted (Andy’s iLL Dubfix)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Liberty. Comprised of Dan Alm and Jeremy Grasso, Liberty is a duo from Los Angeles that has gained a lot of attention in the Electro scene for their heavy/glitchy sound.  They have done remixes for Drivepilot, Vindata, Dumme Jungs, and are currently working with some big name players.

“We think we’ve found a unique style that definitely stands out just a little bit more than the others in the general mainstream at the moment.” They told me. “The great part is that were not steering too far from our influences, so it’s like were getting the best of both worlds!”

It goes without saying they’re pretty stoked on their success, getting to do what they really love for a living.

“Music is the best way I can express my emotions, my imagination, and basically myself” says Jeremy. “It has helped shape the person I am today.”

“Music is art and the ultimate expression of self,” Dan said. “It’s basically the exciting version of math … You can communicate with any living being through music.”

Of course, Dan knows they owe a lot of their success to the modern state of musical affairs.

“I love the way the music industry is changing. It’s about time those damn major labels are wiped out … They are the reason commercial radio music is such garbage in America,” he said. “Right now, it’s musical revolution and the freedom to create something original and be heard is back and stronger than ever thanks to the Internet!”

Here are some of Liberty’s top picks, but you can check out the rest of their tracks on soundcloud!

Dumme Jungs – Daylight (Liberty Redux)

Liberty – Prototype (Original Mix)

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