Nick Georgiou’s Newspaper Sculptures

Nick Georgiou’s Newspaper Sculptures

Printed media is going the way of the dinosaur. Digital media is the now-preferred format for pretty much everything. I walked into a a car dealership the other day and found the lobby littered with digital picture frames displaying singular advertisements. So, in a world where $50-lcd screens replace two dollar posters, it is oddly refreshing to see the work of Nick Georgiou.

Georgiou uses bits of discarded magazines and newspapers to form sculptures and collages. They are insanely detailed and vividly colorful. He tries to stick to local newspapers from the place his art is being displayed. Formerly from New York City, his current haunts are the trash bins of Tucson, Arizona. His work even reflects on his recent move from the Big Apple to the southern wasteland.

“Going from NY to the desert is a pretty dramatic shift. Your concept of space expands when it’s not obstructed by buildings. You pay closer attention to nature because you’re always in it—and you do what you can to preserve it.”

Nick Georgiou’s art is introspective, colorful, and unique. His creative use of other’s trash is definitely something to be appreciated. Before it’s gone.

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