Justice New Album, “Audio,Video,Disco” Full Preview

Justice New Album, “Audio,Video,Disco” Full Preview

After a long hiatus from their debut album,  ; and an over-looked, thematic EP, Planisphere, the lovable french duo is back with a new album titled “Audio, Video, Disco”.

The abum isn’t due out for another week, but already streamed and leaked versions are popping up online. Overall, the album is a blend of 1970′s rock with 1980′s synth work, which end up as what mustached member Gaspard calls “dry, bedroom music.”

Ohio is a definite standout track, with soulful vocals and a guitar riff right out of an Eagles song. On’n’On is super catchy and totally has the Justice vibe with a bit of Led Zeppelin throw in, even a pan flute at the end just to throw you off. Brianvision starts off with a driving punk bassline, which is just screaming for a remix. Helix is on the punchy side, and the head bobbing starts immediately.

The rest of the album is full of its own magic moments and is definitely good for the playback. Admittedly, it doesn’t meet the club vibe, but Justice intended to make a less aggressive, muddy album. They succeeded. Take a listen to the whole thing here .

Justice – Canon

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

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