Internet Story By Adam Butcher

Internet Story by Adam Butcher

Internet Story by Adam ButcherOkay, I just had to post this for you guys because it’s probably the coolest video I’ve seen online, ever.

It’s a bit long considering our debilitated attention spans circa the present-era, but the pay off for sticking with it is more than worth it. You’ll have chills for like, a full 30 minutes afterward.

It’s a brilliant mystery exploring themes of man’s greed and need for attention. I’m not totally sure if Adam Butcher just made this up or figured it out honestly, but either way he’s a total fuckin’ badass.

Be amazed.


  1. I wanted to post this on the original vimeo website, but they disabled comments so im gunna say it here. If this a true story, the murderer must’ve been fortress because how did he upload the video of him going to the field if he couldn’t make it back alive? But then again, why would he upload the video in the first place?

  2. Ooh, good point. I was leaning towards him, too. Maybe he had a smart phone that let him take video and upload, but this was back in ’05. Or perhaps it is just a fake. Either way, I love it!

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