Thomas Bangalter Directs Co Collection Film

Co Collection Video Still, Directed by Thomas Bangalter

Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter is no stranger to the world of directing, and the world of fashion is no stranger to the art of conceptual film (evidenced by our look at Gareth Pugh). Therefor, it’s a pleasant although not too shocking surprise Bangalter has directed the latest collection video from L.A.-based fashion duo Co, as a means to show off their 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

This is Co’s second line of luxury basics, and as with the first, the video is an important part of presentation – and with good reason. Co is a collaboration between film producer Stephanie Danan and screenwriter Justin Kern, and they use the videos to narrate a more personal and emotional relationship to the looks.

The video was filmed on location Marrakesh, Morocco with vintage lenses and is meant to conjure ’70s science fiction and horror films, such as The Horror and Altered States. It also makes this blogger think of a little movie called Electroma. I wonder if the director has heard of it.


Co SPRING / SUMMER 2012 directed by Thomas Bangalter from Co Collections on Vimeo.

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