The Music Videos of Vice Cooler

The Music Videos of Vice Cooler

Vice Cooler is a modern day renaissance man.Henry Rollins lists the guy as an inspiration. If the lead singer of Black Flag is inspired by you, you are definitely doing something. He started his first band,  XBXRX, at 15 years old and has since gone on to involve himself in countless musical projects, including Hawnay Troof, Kit, and Peaches.

But music is not his only focus. He has released a book of photography chronicling his twenty month world tour as Hawnay Troof. The man has a cookbook out called “The Hungry Trugh: Recipes from the Cooler.” Cooler was very involved with the inception of the record label Retard Disco and went on to form his own label called ‘Nothing Fancy Just Music.’ He writes for several different magazines including Wet Paint favorite Vice. As you can see, Vice Cooler doesn’t ever stop working.

But my real point here is to showcase his work as a music video director. Turns out Vice Cooler is an innovative and sought after director. He shoots primarily in collaboration with Who Ate My Teeth? as his cinematographer. There is no way I could include every single video he has done but here are several stand-outs.


Kit – Rain.

This is a video for the amazing band Kit, for which Cooler is currently drumming. The song Rain is fast paced and fun. The video reflects this pace by depicting the band as having an inordinate amount of members all competing to be heard over one another. Who doesn’t like the idea of having a 16 guitar chorus?

Slow Animal – theFUNsun.

This video is one of my favorites Cooler has done. It depicts the band Slow Animal in two separate frames. One is running in reverse with the other in real-time as they are completely wrecked by various different liquids and other messy substances. It is oddly relaxing to watch with the occasional gross-out moment here and there. Roles are reversed by the end and one person is clean and the other disgusting.

Male Bonding – Years Not Long.

The song Years not Long, off of Male Bonding’s album Nothing Hurts, is a great summer track. The video is rather simple with a twist at the end. It’s still basically just some dudes hanging out doing dude stuff. Watch out for Bieber.

Hawnay Troof – Everything Is.

This is a video for Vice Cooler’s solo project, Hawnay Troof. The video is inspired by both Keyboard Cat and Bob Dylan. Yeah, it’s worth a watch just based on that alone, right? Luckily, it’s also a killer track.

Peaches – Mud.

The video for Mud by Peaches’ (who has declared Vice Cooler as the greatest performer of all time) features quite a bit of beautiful choreography involving lots of mud. The entire video is in reverse as well, which makes the choreography even more impressive.

I honestly don’t think it’s possible for Vice Cooler to make a boring music video. I highly suggest you look into the videos he has directed, as well as the various other projects he is constantly working on. He is a well-spring of creative output who shows no signs of stopping. That’s a good thing too. The world needs more Vice Coolers.

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