Luzinterruptus wants to shine a light on our problems. Easily enough, they do this using light. The two-person anonymous art collective Luzinterruptus has been operating in and around Madrid for quite a while. One is a photographer and one is an artist, both are inspired by light. So light is what they play with in the streets. They refer to their art as “interventions”

They use various different materials to point out inconsistencies or problems they see in society. They didn’t like local candidates for mayor of Madrid, so they intervened by taking out the trash and wrapping their illuminated advertisements in plastic bags. When they saw a problem with urban expansion depleting natural resources and killing animals, they put out miniature forests and protected them with illuminated umbrellas. Repetition seems to be a constant with Luzinterruptus’ interventions. Why do something once when you can do it a hundred times on a small scale?

One intervention that I found quite interesting was titled Radioactivity Controls. It was put up in Hamburg, Germany, and spoke to the fear of a nuclear crisis. Luzinterruptus saw what happened in Japan with the the tsunami, causing a nuclear meltdown at several of the reactors, endangering millions. They wanted to do something about it in Germany by creating an intervention of 100 men in radioactive suits menacingly marching towards Hamburg. Germany has pledged to get rid of all nuclear power by the year 2022. Luzinterruptus doesn’t really trust politicians to stick to their word. So they remind them. They are reminding us too.

All images pulled from Luzinterruptus’ personal website.

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