Introducing: Rob De Large

Introducing: Rob De Large

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Allow me to introduce Rob De Large. He’s a man of many faces, dividing his time between working on solo works and jumping around residents in Los Angeles, Stockholm and Paris. As a solo producer, De Large has recently turned his focus to dark techno, and is currently on tour in Europe.

Until now, De Large was known for his hard, thrashy electro sets (check out this live set at Avalon LA), but he said this apparent sudden change in style is a natural progression.

“I found that my taste in music started to shift,” De Large said in an email. “I slowly traced back to my original roots in terms of electronic music – primarily dark industrial techno. I believe that my musical roots heavily influence the sound I project today.”

De Large said these roots feature prominently on his new track “Anger,” to be released very soon.

If he’s worried at all about reception of the new material, De Large isn’t letting on. Making music is something he does for himself, to satisfy his own internal need to create and be happy. The admiration of fans around the globe is just a bonus – albeit the best bonus.

Photo courtesy of Andreas Dahl (

“I feel you always have to make music for yourself to get that true and unique sound to your music,” he said.

He finds this same quality and personal approach to production in the works of many of his own influences.

“I like dark and deep sounding tunes and producers — Mr Oizo, Proxy, Siriusmo and Huoratron are all major influences of mine,” he said. “I love how they just take whatever is in their brains, no matter how crazy, without thinking about making a commercial tune and just go with it. (They) make people understand and love their music. I truly believe they are brilliant producers, in the way they go about … their creativity.”

But De Large is careful to keep his sound unique, listening to lots of different music, drawing inspiration from variety and other’s originality.

He said he has a lot of respect for people like Tuff Em’ Up’s chilean producer, Barretso, who both makes his own music and vocals.

“He drops amazing vocals to his ’80s inspired tunes,” he said. “I wish I could sing, but I think I will leave that to the pros.”

Speaking of originality, De Large has a couple of thoughts for the American EDM scene.

“I was very surprised how way behind L.A is in everything when it comes to innovation in music,” he said. “It’s still all Top 40′s and dubstep, dubstep, dubstep. The kids in L.A think anything with heavy bass is dubstep.”

Though he respects every music form, he thinks the worst kind is the typical “LMFAO”-L.A. scene.

“They are not musicians in my opinion, more like dancers and models who get paid to perform other people’s productions,” he said. “The Milli Vanilli syndrome will probably always be a part of the American and L.A. music scene.”

Opinionated and talented. Listen to his song “Anger,” and watch the video teaser here. And if you get the chance to see him live, bring him some sausage fattener, he loves it…producer joke folks!


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