Designer Drugs Interview: Sex Cult, Future Plans, And More!

Designer Drugs Interview: Sex Cult, Future Plans, And More!

Last week, Michael Patrick from Designer Drugs came through to one of our favorite dance parties, Neon Liger. It was an intimate affair, affording fans a chance to see a big act like Designer Drugs up close and personal. After the show, I sat down with Michael to see what the man behind Sex Cult’s been up to.

He told me about their Datamixes, which have become a Designer Drugs staple, and how the styles of those mixes contrast to the flavor of their live sets.

“I prefer shit with lots of distortion, but I feel that when we do the mixtapes, we actually branch out more and play more stuff that we wouldn’t play live,” he said. “When I’m in the club, I like hearing hard shit, and at home and in the mixes I like to play more chill stuff. Whenever I play something kind of chill in the club, it feels out of place, I prefer to see people going crazy.”

Having released Datamix 15 a few weeks ago, he looked back a bit on their history.

“At first I felt as though people didn’t really listen to DJ mixes, so we kinda did them periodically, and then Theo (the other half of Designer Drugs) was like, ‘I think that people listen to them more than we think.’ So then we started doing them more often and they have all been getting thousands of downloads.”

We spoke about his label Sex Cult, how they pick their members and what sound they’re going for.

“I take a very curatorial role in picking the music and making sure that it all fits,” Patrick said. “I feel that everything in the label is pretty hard, pretty punk rock … it’s not all electro. We got dubstep, we got rock, we got some other crazy stuff. Everyone is pretty dark in the label, very decadent.”

He said there’s a closeness between everyone that is asked to join the Cult, and no one member is above another.

“All of the people on the label are friends,” he said. “We try to help everyone as much as possible. I’ll even help them in the studio at times. It has a very family feel. It’s a cult!”

He also said they have a bunch of releases lined up, with a promotional tour to follow.

Designer Drugs does a lot of traveling, and with the other half of the duo, Theo Nelson, finishing up medschool, it can be hard to find time to work together. Still, Michael said they try to work on new material off the road.

“I particularly don’t like mobile producing … it never feels genuine to me. I prefer a full studio with good speakers since headphones can lie to you.”

But of all the places they’ve traveled, all the cities around the globe Designer Drugs have brought their dark debauchery, Michael keeps coming back to Florida like a bad habit he can’t drop.

“It’s a great scene, cool people,” he said of his love for NoFla. “All of the people we know that play here have a great time.”

Well Mr. Patrick, Florida is happy to have you.

Check out the rest of the pics here (Photos by Kyle Lokuta) and check out these free Designer Drugs Remixes!

Tonight Only – We Run the Night (Designer Drugs Remix)


Klaxons – Ehoes (Designer Drugs Remix)


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