Audio Monsters Attack Your Ears

Audio Monsters

Audio MonstersHey there paint huffers, we’ve got another audible treat for you. It might be a little scary, but there’s nothing to worry about, these guys are gonna make you bust a nut on the dance floor.

Audio Monsters are coming to you from Orlando, Fl. There are two of them, Kyle Notkin and Kevin Jorge, or DJ Notter and DJ Eatzbeats respectively. I met Notkin after a Glitch Mob show in O-town. My friends and I went to after-party at his place, where he first showed me his mixing skills. I knew right away he was the type of guy we at Wet Paint like to support.

Stylistically, the group doesn’t like to pigeon-hole themselves into any one genre, but prefer to play whatever will get the crowd super hyped and sweaty. They mix, they produce, they do whatever they want. What monsters!

Here are a couple funky mixes, one from the boys together, and one from Notkins himself. Both are sure to get the blood flowin’.

Audio Monsters Mix

DJ Notter – Let’s Go

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