Rob Spence: The Eyeborg

Rob Spence, the eyeborg

Rob Spence, the eyeborgRemember that scene in Terminator when the Governator cuts out his own eye so he can replace it with the better, mechanical eye that glows red? That shit was pretty awesome when it was fake, but it’s even cooler when it’s real.

Rob Spence, a Canadian film maker, lost his eye in a shooting accident back when he was a teenager. Rather than see (haha, see) his loss as a handicap, he created an opportunity to upgrade.

Spence replaced his eye with a camera which, although not physically connected to his brain, records everything it captures. He’s currently collecting footage from his eye-cam for a documentary. You can’t get more first-person than that. I mean, this revolutionizes the concept of vlogging entirely.

In this video from British-based Sky News, Spence discusses the relatively simple technology behind his v2.0¬†optical¬†device and the idea that we may one day choose to replace our biological parts with some technologically advanced¬†prosthetic. I know I can’t wait to be an early adopter. What about you?

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