Alex McLeod’s Distant Secrets

Alex McLeod’s Distant Secrets


Alex McLeod creates abandoned and desolate candy coated landscapes that don’t actually exist.

When you look at his work, you imagine the painstaking process he went through to create each and every single detail of this world. How long it must of taken him to put each piece of candy-coated whatever-it-is in its proper place.

Just when you’re ready to rescue this guy from his probable basement workshop he clearly hasn’t left in 10years, you realize he did it all by computer. The world only exists in the image in front of you. This realization is followed by a certain level of disbelief and you might even go back to trying to free Alex McLeod from his certain imprisonment in a basement somewhere. I assure you, it’s all CGI.

McLeod’s worlds are always empty. He leads you to wonder who created these landscapes? Who lives in them, and why did they disappear? Of course, the answer is Alex McLeod. He is the creator and you are the inhabitant. Only for that moment, while you are looking at the image. After you walk away, it’s just a piece of a paper.

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