Seryn: This Is Where We Are

SerynTexas keeps continually producing fantastic bands, such as Spoon and Explosions In The Sky, and Seryn is no exception with their debut album, This Is Where We Are.

It’s not hard to believe this Denton, TX, five-piece is gaining so much positive attention. All of the members are multi-instrumentalists, showing it off by switching their banjo out for an accordian, or an upright bass for a viola, as their shows progress. They’re also known to belt out harmonies at the top of their lungs.

It’s not just their performances though that really make them shine, so much as their ability to pull upon the amount of talent within their group to create beautiful soundscapes that swell and fall in perfect fashion, like a painting being brushed with uplifting tones and dynamic strokes. Their arrangements spark such an encompassing mood that you don’t often hear in a freshman attempt.

This Is Where We Are is definitely a fantastic start to what looks to be a bright future for these young musicians, especially after winning best in show at SXSW in Austin, TX. They’re still finding their ground though. So far they’ve gained little national recognition, but with such a grand first album under their belt, that shouldn’t last.


Seryn – Beach Song

We Will All Be Changed

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