Oscar Lhermitte’s Urban Stargazing

Oscar Lhermitte’s Urban Stargazing

Oscar Lhermitte wants you to start looking at the sky again. He believes constellations have a story to tell. Perhaps it’s because constellations aren’t relevant to our society, we no longer seem to care about them. So Oscar Lhermitte put together a team and headed out into the streets of London to make constellations more relevant. He calls this project Urban Stargazing.

Using telescoping catapults, nylon fishing line and solar-powered LED lights, he shapes constellations that are site-specific and relevant to the areas of London, wherever they may be. The catapults are used to attach the constellations to trees and other structures, and the LED lights charge up all day in the sun. At night, it looks like a normal constellation up in the sky.

With arrangements including The Horse, The Fox, The Mosquito, The Irish Giant and Hunter, and The V2, each one is in some way relevant to the surrounding area. For instance, the Mosquito speaks to the insect’s discovery in the London Underground in 1985. The Irish Giant and Hunter relates to an old folk lore. The V2 rocket is reminiscent of the German bombing runs on London in WWII.

Oscar believes these constellations might make us more involved in what is above us and already there. Look up more often – you might see something rather interesting.

All images pulled from www.oscarlhermitte.com

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