Iepe Rubingh: Painting Reality

Iepe Rubingh: Painting Reality


Iepe Rubingh is a Dutch self-proclaimed guerilla artist and World Chess-Boxing champion. He recently collaborated on a project with The Anonymous Crew in the streets of Berlin. Using bicycles with drop buckets filled with paint, they entered a major intersection and dropped it in big puddles. The vehicles and bicyclists then organically spread the paint throughout the intersection by tracking it on their wheels. This process shows the movement and flow of the traffic through the intersection. The paint was environmentally friendly and washable so there was no damage done to the vehicles or intersection itself.

Other Projects that Iepe has worked on follow in a similar vein to the Painting Reality piece. He was jailed in Tokyo for 10 days for causing major traffic delays due to blocking off entire intersections so they could become a public open space. He also is the founder and former champion of the World Chess-Boxing Organization. A sport which combines both the worlds most mentally challenging and physically challenging sports. One round of Chess. One Round of Boxing. Repeat till you have a winner.

Iepe Rubingh’s boxing name is Iepe the Jester. I believe that this moniker rings true throughout his work and definitely into his performance art. The world is a stage. Whether it’s a boxing ring, chessboard, or busy intersection in Berlin.


  1. Incredibly interesting.

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