Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business is a boss ass chic from Gainesville who’s breakin all the stereo-types about hot-girl DJs. Namely, that they aren’t any good at what they do.

Not only is Ms. Business any good, she’s one of the best in town, bringing a sweet mix of funky electro, tech, drum & bass, dubstep and something extra special she calls bounce house.

For those in Gainesville, you can see her weekly tearing it up at Deuce-Deuce Tuesdays at the Loft, above the Vault, or each Thursday at Sharab’s downtown.

She’ll also be opening up for Reptar when they play here on July 27, and that’s a show that shouldn’t be missed.

In the meantime, check out her latest mix, Summer Sauce. It’s 45-minutes of awesome, and you can listen to it right here. Because you’re worth it.

Whiskey Business – Summer Sauce



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