Plastic Flowers Get Planted in Your Brain

Plastic Flowers

Plastic FlowersPlastic Flowers is my old friend Sean Earl Beard, Esq. (yeah, that’s really his name) out of Tallahassee, Fla.

Back when I met him, years ago, he was my dope-ass friend who collected weird, old musical instruments and synthesizers; who was always down to reminisce about the good old days of goth yore, talk about and share hip-ass music, and never let me down when I needed someone old enough to by my baby-ass some beer.

Now, he’s making good on all those conversations about “I’m gonna make some hip-ass music,” and honestly, he’s doing it right.

Plastic Flowers sounds like a sweet dream from the darker side of the ’80s. Long chords and bright noises drifting over steady, understated bass and hollow drum beats. Anyone who believes in the merits of New Order, the Cocteau Twins and pre-mall goth aesthetics will totally get down on some of this.

Those of you reading in Gainesville, Fla., are in luck. Plastic Flowers is set to play a show Saturday, June 11, at the Laboratory alongside Andrew Weathers, Aloonaluna, Transmuteo, Seziki Tetrasheaf and Giant Monsters.

If you’ve been playing along at home, you should realize this is the day after our next Wet Paint Presents: Revenge of the Nerds party. Basically, next week is gonna kick ass.

Let’s get into the music, shall we?

Plastic Flowers – We Just Had More Fun

Plastic Flowers – Drive Me Home

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